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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Wild turkeys are dancing, stalking, clawing and taking over Northern California. Wild Turkey, is it a nuisance in your backyard or a blessing in a tumbler full of ice? Today we are getting ready for ‘Turkey Day’ with a domesticated Willie Bird. Let’s fly up to Sonoma County and visit the Willy Bird store. This store has been around for a while and it shows it age. Do not mistake this for the Willie Bird restaurant; this is a retail meat market. May be I should say a den of processed fowl.

This store is a treasure trove of turkey delights. All the turkeys are raised on certified organic grains without the use of hormones or antibiotics. The birds and allowed to roam freely outdoors. Free range, organic, all natural, humanely raised, a couple of more buzz words and Zomie will buy the store. (Sorry)

Once inside we were greeted by a very helpful feminine staff. The meat lockers were full of turkey treasures. Turkey in so many ways: Turkey bacon, smoked, diced, turkey marinades, many flavors of turkey sausage. Fresh or frozen is your big decision.

We ordered our turkey in advance, which is a wise thing to do at this time of year. This is their busy season and they are definitely prepared for the Holiday. Why take a chance and be left without your Willie Bird? Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away and we are prepared. Gobble, Gobble!!!


Zoomie said...

(No, you're not)

Chilebrown said...

I think you will agree that this turkey is tailor made for you.

cookiecrumb said...

You could go even further out and buy a heritage turkey. I mean, Zoomie could. :)

Lea Ann said...


Believe me, I'm as stunned as you. :)

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, Baby steps at first.

LeaAnn, Congrats. I did not see any Elway sightings.

meathenge said...

Yikes, is turkey day coming up soon?

xo, Biggles

Greg said...

Good old Willie B. Good stuff!

Chilebrown said...

meathenge, This should be a great Thanksgiving for you and your new family. Ms. Goofy and I would like to congratulate you two and wish you all the best.

Greg, We are looking forward to the moment of truth. We will have to make extra gravy.

meathenge said...

Thank you sir! I can hardly wait, going to be the best year ever.

xo, Biggles

Chris said...

At my father in law's former house, wild turkeys were all over his yard on the mountain but they wouldn't let you "harvest" them because they supposedly keep snakes away from the property.

Can't wait to see how this humanely treated bird ends up on the plate!