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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Beer and chile peppers are two of my favorite ingredients. “Six Rivers Brewery’ has combined chile peppers and wheat ale to create spicy ale. Will these two ingredients meld together and be complimentary? Is this just a gimmick to lure me to purchase said beer? There is one way to find out. ‘Six Rivers Brewery’ is located in Mckinnleyville, California. The peppers are grown locally and are fire roasted. On the bottle the peppers are only listed as an assortment so we will have to guess on their pedigree. Let’s pop the top.

The beer was poured into a chilled 16 ounce glass. The aroma that emerged was of roasted green chile. I love that smell. Visions of chile verde and salsa danced through my taste receptacles. Once the froth had subsided a generous swig was taken. I tasted high quality wheat ale with no pepper flavor for the moment. Wait a minute! It is hitting me now. There is a little afterburner pepper flavor that grabs your attention. It is not scorching hot and I could not identify any particular chile pepper. What a unique flavor sensation.

This beer is definitely not for everyone. I was glad to have experienced it. We served this beer with some barbeque. It did not really compliment our meal because it is so unique. Your senses are assaulted with chile aroma initially. The beer finishes with chili warmth. This is one unique spicy wheat ale that probably will not be purchased again.

Six Rivers Brewery


cookiecrumb said...

It'd be good with a bag of Doritos!

Zoomie said...

You'll buy it again when they add bacon to the chile and beer flavors. Then it will be perfect.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I have a weakness for Doritos. Nacho Cheese is my favorite. Have you tried the Wasabi flavor?

Zoomie, When I find that paticular flavor it will be your Christmas present. I have had bacon soda and it was pretty nasty.

Zoomie said...

Hey, it seems to me that you two are soon retiring, no? When's the happy day? And when do you get the new puppy?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Yes to both of your questions. I will have to be a little vague on the date because it has not been finalized. The puppy will be born in a couple of weeks and will stay with the mother for awhile.

cookiecrumb said...

Wasabi Doritos? Never seen em. I like the nacho too.
Who's gonna stay home and train the puppy? One of you has to retire in about 3 months.

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Great review and I'd probably give it a whirl but seems more like a novelty..
Take care.

Lea Ann said...

I'd like about 10 six packs of this for Sunday. (If I can bear to watch)

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I will keep my eyes out for the wasabi flavor and smuggle a bag across your Marin borders to you. Also, you are very wise about dates.

Foodness Gracious, I saw this beer on the shelf. The label and ingredients caught my eyes and curiosity. This will be a one time only purchase.

Lea Ann, Where should I start? Yes, I would advise you to drink heavily. It will numb the pain of the smackdown from the Silver & Black.