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Friday, January 27, 2012


The ‘Formula One Racing Honda" made record time driving from the Bay Area to Lake Havasu, Arizona. This rocket ship was fueled with caffeine and the anticipation of meat treats to come. Today is the first day of ‘HavaBBQ 2012’. The National anthem has been sung and it is time to get our meat on. The first day is a day of setting up and inspections. All meat must be inspected for proper handling, appropriate meats and alterations. (Marinade). Teams from all over the nation have gathered by the lake and are preparing for battle.

The main event of cooking the four meat categories (chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder and brisket) will start tonight and be judged tomorrow. Today there will be a chili contest. The public will be invited to taste and vote for their favorites. Yours truly will be a judge for this competition. If the public does not get their fill of chili there are lots of food venders. Beer battered everything was a booth that I may have to visit. Tri-tip and sausage was being prepared for the hungry masses. A booth preparing Greek food was a temptation that will have to be controlled.

Besides judging chili today, Yours truly will be judging another category called "Anything Butt". This category is anything besides the four meat categories. The competitors will try to impress the judges with steak to lobster for cash prizes. I will have to stay away from the food venders to prepare for this event.

The fun has begun. I found a hot sauce booth. I walked away with a shopping cart full of heat. The bands are beginning to play. There is a lot of food to judge and sample. Stay tuned.


Greg said...

Have a great meaty time!

Chris said...

Hey! It's 2012 and the season has begun.

cookiecrumb said...

Have a beer, for god's sake!

Zoomie said...


Toons said...

I must get you some of my sauce. A professional opinion would be cool!

Chilebrown said...

Great Chili, mediorce salsa and double cut loin pork chops with whiskey apple sauce, smoked prim rib, smoked salmon, lamb kebobs were judged at our table. Wow.

Greg, If the first day was any indicator.

Chris, They have started out with a bang.

cookiecrumb, It is Happy Hour all the time in Lake Havasu.

Zoomie, No problem

James. I would love to try your sauce.

Lea Ann said...

Have a good time ChileB. Look forward to the next post.