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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


‘You can say that again' Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt was a gift from my sister, “The President of Cookies”. She knows what I like and this concoction has all of my favorite components. It sounds intriguing but will all these bold flavors blend together and form a tasty condiment? The ingredient list is as follows: Natural sea salt smoked over Alder wood, natural bacon (?), chipotle pepper and gum Arabic. I got a chuckle with the reference to natural bacon. Unnatural bacon might be scary but a popular bacon salt producer does not actually use any bacon in their bacon salt. Let’s pop the top and give this salt a try.

The aroma is pleasant with an almost sweet, Alder wood smoke fragrance. I have had other smoked salts in the past that have smelled like a campfire. The close up image will show very small little pieces of chipotle pepper, I actually saw more seeds than peppers. There are also little tiny pieces of bacon through out this mixture. I took a small piece to verify it was the salty swine that I love. This has the real deal. A healthy sprinkling of our salt graced a fried egg for tasting purposes. The smoke flavor was pleasant but not overpowering. Unfortunately the bacon and chipotle flavor was not noticeable to my palate.

Chipotle and bacon flavor missing does not make this a bad product. I think it would be great for seasoning vegetables or used as a finishing salt. The Alder wood flavor might be strong enough to overpower the other ingredients but is not overwhelming and would make a wonderful condiment. This flavored salt has an alluring title but does not deliver all that was promised.


Greg said...

Thank you for your culinary endeavors! It sounds intriguing.

Zoomie said...

You are surrounded by women eager to please you, a great place to be.

cookiecrumb said...

Bummer on the salt. It looks fabulous in the jar. Guess they'll have to tinker with the recipe. Or you could make some, once we figure out what that gum is.

Chilebrown said...

Next week we will have a tiny little fluff ball named Lucy running around. I hope Oscar does not get to jealous.

Greg, When I first saw it I was intrigued. It is still pretty decent.

Zoomie, How come in print that sounds so good. I am very lucky.

cookiecrumb, You have me on that ingredient. That was lifted straigh off the label.

Chris said...

Sounds really great, you just never know how it will turn out.