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Friday, March 2, 2012


As we fueled the Racing Honda the price of gas rose another 25 cents. This was only a slight glitch on our latest ‘Meat Adventure’ to Esparato, California. We were on a mission to visit ‘Manas Ranch Old Style Custom Meat Market’. This is a retail store that sells beef that is raised on the “Double Bar O Angus Ranch’. The Double Bar is owned by Fred & Alice Manas hence the name of the retail store. The cattle are pasture raised in the summer. They are grain fed later in their calm and stress free environment. The beef is processed and sold at farmers markets and the retail store.

Manas Ranch meat market is about an hours drive from the Abode. A rural area with lots of farmland and pasture surround this store. It is conveniently located a mile off the interstate. Once inside a small, bright, clean and modern meat counter greets you. House made sausage, marinated meats, beef; pork and lamb were displayed for purchase. Manas Ranch philosophy is to sell local humanely raised meat products. Two of the largest T-bones in the display case shouted out to us. We had done our homework and had pre-ordered some house cured slab bacon. Bacon is for sale but will be sliced. We talked to several helpful employees and learned about the ranch. Our meat server suggested trying the grass-fed hamburger. (Grain finished). We filled up an ice chest with our bounty and returned home before the price of gas rises again.

Oh my, the bacon is so ****; story later. Today, a couple of barbequed burgers will be the sample of our meat acquisitions. Salt & Pepper was the only enhancement for this ground Angus beef. The burgers were cooked over a mesquite fire. Biting into this burger was an out of body experience. I cannot believe how juicy and beefy flavored this meat puck was. The beef was ground a little finer and had almost a sausage like texture. The price of this beef experience was 3.00/pound and is a bargain in our book. We are looking forward to trying the T-bones this weekend. We will share the bacon with you later. Manas Ranch Old Style Custom Meat Market is a great meat find.

Manas Ranch Old Style Custom Meat Market
26797 State Highway 16
Esparato, CA. 95627
530 787-1740


Chilebrown said...

Tonight, We had some Manas chorizo stuffed mushrooms. This was some very lean and tasty sausage.Not to spicy but let you know we have flavor.

Chilebrown said...

I forgot to add the ingredient cheddar cheese from Pt. Reyes. No leftovers tonight.

Zoomie said...

Did Lucy and Oscar get a bite?

Chilebrown said...

absolutely not!

Greg said...

Another successful meat adventure. I was worried about the weather interfering. The price is very good for a premium tasty product.I'm a big T-bone fan. Looking forward to seeing it.

Lea Ann said...

I love places like that.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Later this afternoon we will be firing up the grill for T-Bones and asparagus. Check out FB

Lea Ann, So do we, So do we!!!!!!!