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Friday, October 5, 2012


 Today’s Meat Adventure brings us to Hangtown California to Archer’s Butcher Block. This is a full service Meat Market that has something for every one. Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills and surrounded by breathtaking scenery you have to remind yourself you are only 45 minutes away from Sacramento. I heard about Archer’s through a lead from a local several years ago. Sometimes our best meat finds are by word of mouth.  We were judging a BBQ competition at the fairgrounds and had some spare time before the first turn-ins. We loaded up the car with fellow judges and had a group Meat Adventure.

Archer’s is located 5 miles off the main highway. It would be very easy to pass it by, but we had a mission. A building with a western motif and ‘Archer’s’ signs plastered everywhere let us know we had arrived. Once through the doors the smiles began. A full service deli with a special sandwich called “The Blockhead”: a random combo of meats and cheeses with all the fixins. I was tempted to get “The Super Blockhead” which was double of everything but I had judging duties to perform. The salami was house made.

Where should I start on the selection of meats available?  Beautiful grass fed and grain finished steaks were available. Marinated beef and chicken were begging you to take them home to grill. House smoked bacon and pork chops made it to my basket. House cured salamis with or with out cheese and housed smoked jerky tempted. A large selection of ‘Aidells’ sausage was available. If you could not find your fancy in this meat case you may be tempted by the game available. Rabbit, pheasant, elk, buffalo, lamb, duck venison and even some seafood was available.

Archer’s Butcher Block is a one stop meat palace. A full deli and meat market that impresses. If you need to have game or livestock processed Archer’s can fill your bill. We loaded up the Racing Honda with purchases and fellow judges. My ice chest had some bacon, smoked pork chops, and house cured salami. This was a Meat Adventure that just so happen to combine with our BBQ judging. Boy, do I love Meat Adventures.

5425 Mother Lode Drive.
Placerville, Ca.
530 626-6328


Greg said...

Sounds like a great place. All we have around town are fancy pants places.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Archer's is definitely a great place for the locals. If I was a little closer I would frequent.

Lea Ann said...

I like that you have a selection of wild game. I'd love to be able to find venison somewhere in Denver. I have a great recipe for elk medallions but can't find anywhere to buy it. Happy Sunday!

Chilebrown said...

Lea Ann, We really love ground bison. It has a lot more flavor than hamburger. I am sure Denver has somebody that can supply elk. This should be a good Sunday. The Raiders have a bye and we have two local baseball teams in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

There is a SINGLE spot like this here where I live. Might be worth moving to the west coast for extra luxuries like this!