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Monday, October 15, 2012


I had all intentions of beating my pumpkin growing record. My last attempt at growing pumpkin produced a 120 pound beauty. Alas, this year I had crop failure. I nurtured a plant from seed but the fruit would grow and then die and shrivel away. It was time to cut our losses and search out and purchase our great pumpkin. This journey would take us to two farmers markets and then to ‘Larry’s Produce’. Ms. Goofy was determined to have pumpkins for her Halloween decorations.

We loaded up the Racing Honda and sped to Calistoga California. We traveled through the beautiful Napa Valley enjoying the view of all the vineyards. The Calistoga farmers market is a small local market which is held in a small courtyard. Lots of local produce, honey, olive oil and craftsmen make for a enjoyable morning stroll. Only one vendor had a handful of small squash. It was off to our second destination the Napa farmers market.

The Napa farmers market is a large venue sandwiched between the Oxbow Public Market and the now defunct ‘Copia’. This market showcases the best produce of Napa Valley. It is quit the fashion show of shoppers. We found Boca farms but they did not have a pumpkin to suit Ms. Goofy’s fancy. What to do? The light bulb in my head went off and it shined on Larry’s Produce.

Larry’s Produce is a magical place. It is located on a rural road in the Suisun Valley. This market has something for everyone. The prices cannot be beat. Because of these two factors the parking lot was overflowing. We found a spot right in front, an omen of great pumpkins to follow. There are so many varieties of pumpkins. Turban, white, warted, green, pink, striped and the traditional orange pumpkins were displayed around tractors and hay bales. Lots of children were having the time of their life playing amongst the displays. Ms. Goofy found her treasure.

I wanted to take this large pumpkin home. Unfortunately we had left our forklift at home in the garage. This was a fun adventure even though meat was not involved.


Kailyn said...

LOL. As a kid my pumpkin always came from Berkeley. Knew this wonderful family, the Bsrksdales, who were my surrogate grandparents. They joked that they knew me before I was me. Every summer I would go out to the backyard and pick out my pumpkin. Sometimes it ended up large; sometimes it ended up being the size of a grapefruit. But it was always my pumpkin.

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, The Bsrksdales sound like very special people. That would be a kick to have you very own pumpkin as a kid.

Greg said...

Looks like a full day of pumpkin happiness.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Ms. Goofy was very happy to find her pumpkins.