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Saturday, October 20, 2012


One can purchase artichokes year round. They are at their peak in the Fall and Spring season. Ms. Goofy and I were browsing the massive produce isle of the Berkeley Bowl West when we spied these extra colossal globes. We could not resist and purchased a few for dinner.

 Artichokes are simple to prepare. A sharp knife will cut the stem and top off. A few of the smaller leaves from the bottom will be removed. A good washing and then plunged into a salted boiling pot of water is the next step. It is a good idea to put some type of acid such as lemon, limes, or vinegar to prevent discoloring. I used limes to preserve the color and add a little lime kick. (We have a big lime tree in the backyard). This huge globe took 45 minutes to cook. When a knife easily goes through the artichoke heart or when the leaves pull easily from the body your artichoke is done. We served this with some mayonnaise to dip the leaves in. Once we finished with the leaves we were left with a massive heart. The heart has an almost meat like taste. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!!


Zoomie said...

We've been feasting, too. One of the delights of fall!

meathenge said...

Hmm, well I suppose if you're going to eat a vegetable, it's best to find one that you throw most of it away. xo, Biggles

cookiecrumb said...

Artichokes are my very favorite vegetable! Nice big one you got there; you shared it?

(Biggles is funny.)

Greg said...

The Berkeley Bowl can be a madhouse. I like mine with lemon butter.Now all I have to do is figure out this confirmation code.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Artichokes are great. I especially like baby artichokes.

meathenge, I seem to remember a certain someone using vegetables as a prop in their images. I hope you did not just throw them away.

cookiecrumb, Of course not. We both had our own. I do admit Ms. Goofy does not always eat the heat so you can say I have Ms. Goofy's heart.

Greg, Have you tried Berkeley Bowl West? It is much better as far as the crowds.

meathenge said...

Nope! If you sawr 'em, I ate 'em. Only cause I'm supposed to though. xo, Biggles

Chris said...

For some odd reason I just pictured one of those falling off the display and landing thorn side down on my foot in flip flops. Owwww

I've never seen them that big! Is it still as tender as the smaller ones?

Chilebrown said...

Chris, The larger chokes are just as tender. They do take longer to cook.

Lea Ann said...

Well I learned something here, about adding lemon or vinegar to the water to avoid discoloring.