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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The ‘Racing Honda did a couple of laps this weekend. 1400 miles was the total distance traveled to Lake Havasu, Arizona with a side trip to Las Vegas. Our journey brings us to our first judging activity of this New Year. The“5th Annual Lake Havasu, Music, Brews & BBQ Championship” was held in the shadows of the “London Bridge”. Yes, you have read correctly. The “London Bridge” no longer spans the river Thames in England. In 1968, chain saw entrepreneur Robert L McCulloch purchased the bridge and had it relocated to Lake Havasu. It has become the focal point in this retirement/resort community. This was the perfect venue to hold a BBQ championship.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon. We wanted to experience the whole event. We had reservations at the swanky ‘London Bridge Resort”. This resort is the most luxurious digs in town. Restaurants, bars, several swimming pools with huge water slides, and a spectacular view of the bridge kept us in comfort for our short stay. This was our home base to rejuvenate and prepare for our judging duties.


The weather did not co-operate this weekend. The thermometer may have broke seventy degrees but the skies were overcast and dark gray. Late Friday afternoon the skies broke free with its moisture. It rained steady throughout the night. Our barbeque competitors were prepared and battled through. A little rain would not dampen the spirits and fires of these true competitors. I was a little disappointed of the rain because my new bathing suite/ thong was not put to use in the resort pool. The “Cannon Ball’ contest would not be held this year.

Eighty four teams were present this contest. Johnny Trigg of ‘Smokin Triggers’ and Harry Soo of ‘Slap Yo’ Daddy’, two contestants of the first season ‘Pittmaster” reality barbeque television show were holding court. “Big Poppa Smokers’ the reigning champion of the ‘2012 American Royal was competing. The whole country was represented by all the visiting teams. It is always a blast to see and experience the multiple cookers, smokers and barbeques. Every cooker has a story. Each team has a personality. A weekend is a short time to experience them all.

This contest was very special for Ms. Goofy. This would be her 30th contest judged. After completing this event and taking a test she will become a KCBS certified “Master Judge”. This title is prestigious and coveted by all. Because this was her milestone contest she was required to recite the judge’s oath. Ms. Goofy and two others proudly recited the pledge to uphold truth in BBQ judging. It was a proud moment. I do not think that was rain on Ms. Goofy’s cheek.

Snacks for the cooks

Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to taste and score the best barbeque in the nation. Each entry is a heart & soul offering from each competitor. Little variances in seasoning, different cooking methods, and different presentations make my judging duty challenging and rewarding. They are all winners in my book. We do have to pick a winner. ‘Grand Champion”  “Loot N’ Booty BBQ” barbeque team was crowned. Congratulations to all!

The weekend flew by. Ms. Goofy is now a ‘Master Judge’. We scored some spectacular barbeque. The sun did shine. We were rested and rejuvenated. Our adventure was not over because we were on a mission. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas will not apply to you dear readers. Stay tuned.


Zoomie said...

Sounds like a barrel of fun.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

You have me all ready to compete now Chiliebrown. I can't wait for Rochester in May for sure... Looks like a fun time for sure. Congrats to Mrs. Goofy...

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie & Three Dogs BBQ, This event was a blast. We are looking forward to the next event. Thanks for stopping by.

Greg said...

Great times! Still trying to get the image of you in a thong out of my brain. :)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, No worries. It was raining so I never got to wear it.