Chilebrown at home

Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Ms. Goofy loves cheese. Her passion for cheese is so great we have begun to make cheese at home. Thanks to ‘Urban Cheesecraft’ we have a kit to guide us in the craft of cheese making. While reading my ‘Chilepepper’ magazine I spotted an advertisement for this cheese kit. You can make mozzarella, chevre, paneer, and more with the included tools and instructions. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my cheese loving wife. Ms. Goofy made her trial run of mozzarella. Can you see the smile on her face? This cheese would be perfect for our pulled pork pizza. Pull up a chair and say ‘Cheese’.

The only ingredient we needed to acquire for our cheese making was milk. We did not want to use your ultra pasteurized garden variety from Wally-World. A venture to the Marin farmers market to visit the ‘StrausFamily Creamery’ booth would satisfy our needs. One gallon of Straus’s local, organic, non homogenized, cream on the top, whole milk would be our purchase. While at the market I also picked up my new favorite vegetable Romanesco broccoli but that is a different story. We are now ready to make cheese. I need to clarify; Ms. Goofy is ready. I was banished from the kitchen.

The details of the cheese making are a secret to me. I can tell you there was a lot of beer drinking, swearing and debauchery involved while the cheese making process went on. That was me watching the football playoff games. Curds & Whey, thermometers, cheese cloth and brightly colored gloves were the only clues I got while retrieving adult beverages from the ice cave.

Pizza would be the vehicle to sample Ms. Goofy’s maiden cheese adventure. Some left over and I mean over the top delicious pulled pork would be our main topping. Barbeque sauce would be the foundation to support cheese, pork and red onions. An oven with a baking stone was heated to extreme heat. Ten minutes in the fiery inferno and we had some good looking pies.
 This mozzarella cheese was hot, gooey, stringy, the perfect cheese to make our pizza pie scrumptious. Immediately Ms. Goofy had new ideas how to improve on our cheese making endeavor. She wants to add herbs or peppers. I just plain loved it. Ms. Goofy is happy with her new DIY Cheese kit. Old Chilebrown did pretty darn good getting Ms. Goofy this cheese maker. Please excuse me because I need to return to the couch. The next football game is almost on.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

This is a cheesy post... The pie looks seriously good Chilebrown. You like you pie like we do, bubbly, brown cheese. Kudos to Mrs. Goofy. Try some drained, hamburger dills on your next PP pizza. You'll like it!

Chris said...

This is on our 2013 must try list.

Zoomie said...

I saw that kit and wanted to try it, too! I'm glad Ms Goofy did!

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ,We saw a pizza with Dill pickles in Kansas. I was sorry I did not order it. We will have to try it.

Chris,The Green Egg is still on my list.

Zoomie, Go for it.

Greg said...

I got a cheese making kit for Christmas but have not put it in play yet. Looks like you had great result.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Good results and possible future greatness. Ms. Goofy wants to tweek several things.