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Thursday, January 31, 2013


 We have found that after sampling and scoring the best barbeque in the nation our palette needs to be refreshed for the next competition. To keep our senses and taste buds sharp our method is to consume some ‘Prime, Aged, Corn-Fed Beef”. What better place to perform this task then,” The Oldest Steakhouse in the City of Las Vegas”, the ‘Golden Steer Steak House”. Since 1958 the ‘Golden Steer Steakhouse’ has served prime beef to numerous celebrities including the “Rat Pack’, mobsters, politicians  locals and tourists. This steak palace has been recognized by ‘Bon Appetit’ (September 2009) as serving ‘The Best Steaks On Earth’. “Golden Steer Steakhouse’ would be our destination for dinner. How about pulling up a chair and having a martini to share our dinning experience.

It is Sunday night and the strip is lit up with Vegas splendor. The steakhouse is located several blocks off the main drag in a small strip mall. The outside is bright with a “Golden Steer” illuminated by shining lights. We stroll into a dimly lit empty bar/hostess area and are greeted by a knowledgeable hostess. Once we had cocktails in hand the hostess gave us a fun history tour of the establishment. The ‘Rat Pack’ lead the long list of celebrities that had dined before us. A main dining area is flanked by a private dining room. A separate dining room is filled with luxurious leather booths. Each booth has a name and picture of a celebrity. Our hostess explained that because of the time period Sammy Davis was not allowed to sit in the main dining area. Sammy would eat and drink in this room surrounded by his ‘Rat Pack’ cronies. These booths are now very desirable and we were privileged to sit in the Sammy Davis booth.

This was one comfortable booth. We were told it was the original leather from 1958. We were surrounded by the memories of an older swinging Vegas era. Our waiter was prompt and we were surrounded by an attentive staff. Caesar salad would be our first choice. Our waiter created before our eyes the perfect salad. Raw eggs and anchovies surprisingly meld together with other ingredient to make the perfect salad. When this floor show was over it was time for beef.

Prime rib and rib-eye, aged, corn-fed, USDA prime, steak was the only thing that covered our huge plate. Ms. Goofy wept and I had a Cheshire grin when these masterpieces of beef were presented to us. Each tender bite was followed by a sigh of contentment. This beef had flavor that we crave. The hell with grass fed fodder. This was corn-fed bliss that true steak lovers adore. Creamed spinach perfumed with a kiss of pernod, twice baked potatoes and bread were our side dishes. They were delicious but beef was the real star.

This was one memorable meal. The ‘Golden Steer”, an “Old School’ steakhouse preserves and serves the charm and vibrancy of an older era. We experienced beef perfection. We cannot wait to return. We are ready for the next competition.

308 West Sahara Av.
Las Vegas, Nevada
702 384-4470


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Sounds like a great meal Chiliebrown. It also leads to the great debate that I have. What is better, good prime rib or a good steak. While both have their places, I prefer a steak that has been seasoned and grilled to perfection over prime rib. What is your preference? Finally, how did you do at the tables? ;)

Greg said...

Living large! That is my kind of place. :)

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I am not a huge gambler but lost enough. I usually only eat prime rib around the Holidays. Steak for me. I just cannot decide which I like better. New York, Rib-eye and even sirloin.

Greg, That is the way we roll. A good steak house is a treat for us.