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Thursday, August 15, 2013


We have been ignoring that all important meal of the day called breakfast. It has been awhile since we have searched for local breakfast establishments. We frequently pass by Tina’s Place and witness a line of people waiting outside. It was time to brave the crowd and see what the hubbub is all about. Tina’s has received numerous praises from the local press. We have heard good things about Tina’s from friends and they also happen to have pork chops on the breakfast menu.

We arrive at 7; 10 am to ensure we would not have to wait in line. There are already several people at the bar/counter. The interior is modern and has a luxurious vibe throughout. High back comfortable chairs, hardwood floors and mood lighting make you feel warm and comfortable. Our waitress immediately greeted us, brought us menus and beverages. Our waitress was very friendly and professional. Her patter and service made us feel like an old friend. The menu had numerous omelet selections and traditional breakfast faire. ‘No Substitutions” commanded the menu, which makes sense with the crowd which will follow. Pork Chops, eggs, home fries, toast was my choice while Ms. Goofy had to have a waffle.

Our waitress brought our breakfast and our draws dropped. Two large pork chops marked with perfect grill marks towered on the plate. Little boulders of crispy brown potatoes formed a wall to shield two over easy eggs. The pork chop was tender and satisfying. Believe it or not, I only ate one chop. With all the potatoes, eggs and English muffins I wanted to have a pork chop snack for later. Ms. Goofy devoured her yummy waffle. She was very happy. All this was washed down with multiple cups of great tasting ‘Joe’. We now know why there is a line outside. Tina’s serves a huge great tasting breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner. We already have plans to return and try the chicken fried steak.

Tina’s Place
2300 San Pablo Av.
Pinole, Ca. 94584


Three Dogs BBQ said...

My favorite meal is breakfast for dinner. Those chops look outstanding. Fortunately, good breakfast places are a bit easier to find than other types of food.

Zoomie said...

I can easily believe you couldn't finish all of that, even though I know you are a mighty trencherman. That's one huge breakfast!

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, There are a lot of choices for breakfast. I usually order pork chops. Bonus points for good gravy.

Zoomie, I sometimes dream that I could compete with the famous Trencherman Bozo Miller. He was a true champion.

Greg said...

That food gives new meaning to a hearty breakfast. Great photos!

cookiecrumb said...

Hearty? More like hearty attacky. JK!
Looks good.

Kailyn said...

A friend of mine loves that place. Need to check it out.

Chilebrown said...

Gre, Thanks. You are only thirty minutes away from Tina's.Come early though, unless you like lines.

cookiecrumb, You are such a buzzkill.

Kailyn, Let us know when you go. We may have to go for dinner sometime.