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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The 'Foothill Meat Company' is located near by the Feather Falls Casino, our last chili judging venue. Their signboard was like a shining  beacon in the night that guided this Mad Meat Genius to shore. The Racing Honda sailed into the parking lot to land some 'Prime Crossrib Steaks'.The Foothill Meat Company is a local butcher shop that supplies the local populace of Oroville, California with fresh meat. We stepped through the door and into a meat wonderland. We made various purchases, but today we will focus on the steak. The price could not be beat at 5.99/pound. The butcher sliced us two one and one half inch thick steaks that weighed just under a pound a piece. We packed our purchases in our portable ice cave and proceeded with our chili judging duties.

We are back home from our chili judging adventures and it was time for dinner. The steak package was unwrapped to reveal two beautiful fat marbled hunks of beef. Salt & pepper was dusted on to our steaks while a hot mesquite charcoal fire was created. Four minutes on each side brought the internal temperature up to 130 degrees. I actually missed my target temperature of 125 degrees. The steaks were rested for 10 minutes before serving. They looked fabulous.

The steaks had a beefy flavor that reminded me of a sirloin. It did have a little chew that gave our jaws a slight workout. I did notice that the rarer sections of the cut were a little more tender. Overall these steaks were a great meat find. I will happily give my jaws a workout for this beef any day. I cannot wait to have a sandwich with the leftovers..


greatwhite hunter said...

you know GWH

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Where on the cow does this cut come from?

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, See you Saturday.

Three Dogs BBQ, I believe it is a cut near the shoulder. Lots of flavor but a little chew.

Big Dude said...

I had never heard of this cut and did a little research to learn about it.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Did you find out anything? We see cross rib roasts in the market. You just have to be very careful to not overcook them.