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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Angelo Ibierto of ‘Angelo’s Meats’ makes some of the best focaccia in the world. I have tried to duplicate his recipe numerous times. Angelo has that magic touch and a secret recipe. If you ask Angelo for the recipe he will tell you the ingredients and instruct you in general terms. I always feel he is leaving something out. His focaccia is buttery with olive oil and has a rich flavor that has a sprinkling of salt to accent the goodness. Our last visit Angelo agreed to give us the recipe in print. He went in the back room and ripped a page out of a cookbook. That sly fox was just using somebody else’s recipe. We were ecstatic with foccacia joy to finally have the secret recipe. We said our goodbyes and rushed home to make this special bread.

Double click the image above and read this recipe. Do you notice anything peculiar? Yes, this recipe is in Italian. Also I can translate several words like spinach and chick pea flour. That crazy butcher has me again. He gave me a recipe that he has been experimenting with. He mentioned making a gluten free focaccia and this must be it. Angleo’s famous foccacia recipe will remain a secret for now.


Zoomie said...

That Angelo!

Try this one - it sounds downright rich to me. If I had an oven and room for a big mixing bowl, I'd be trying this one.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I checked out your recipe. It seems straight forward and should work. It is something that Angleo does that makes his bread so good that I cannot duplicate.

No oven? Are they still working on your kitchen? You can bake in the Weber. A mixing bowl is a necessary kitchen tool.

Greg said...

One of these days I gotta go check his place out. BTW have you tried the Ligurian Bakery in Northbeach? Their bread is my gold standard.

Zoomie said...

Yes, still working on the kitchen. I have big mixing bowls but all are packed away for the renovation. I will try this once all is returned to me. :-)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, You are not very far away. We will have to try the Liqurian Bakery. This is the first I have heard of it.

Zoomie, I hope you are not paying by the hour because it has been a very long time.