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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


With all that talk of steaks, we had to fire up the grill and cook some beef. We all have our favorite cuts and choice of breeds. Some of you may like grass fed beef or maybe the traditional corn-fed variety. There are hybrids that are grass fed and corn finished. Which cut do you like? We have been leaning towards the rib-eye. Lately I have rediscovered the wonderful flavors of the New York cut. Ms. Goofy loves the tender  filet. Have you experienced beef that has been dry aged? The flavors are very intense and wonderful. We would like to share several of the steaks we have experienced this last month. Above is a 16 ounce New York steak from Jacks Grill in Redding, California. This steak had a little chew but was huge on flavor.

A visit to the U.C. Chico Meat Labs procured these two beautiful rib-eyes. They may have been the most tender steaks we have ever had. They are marbled with a lot of yummy fat to create a decadent and rich cut of beef. They were cooked to a medium rare on the rare side to create a very tender bite. I would compare this to some of the best prime rib roast reserved for that special holiday meal..

No beef collage would be complete with out visit to our friend Angelo from Angelo's Meats. One of Angelo's specialties is tri-tip. This cut of meat cannot leave his shop until he dusts a choice grade roast with his magical seasonings. A medium direct fire cooks this beefy roast to perfection. This meat is tender and makes the best sandwiches you have ever had.

Driving up the interstate to Reno you are bombard with billboards advertising the $9.99 T-bone steak special at Boomtown Casino. We just so happened to be staying at Boomtown for a bbq competition It was time to roll the dice and experience this discounted protein. The $9.99 special is not listed on the menu, hoping you will order the $30. dollar steak. You have to ask your server for this deal.. It actually was pretty good. You cannot complain at this price.

Lastly we had some aged New York steaks from Willowside Meats. This was one of my favorites. The beef flavor was very intense. It may not be as tender as a rib-eye but the flavor trumped all cards. Each bite was like taking a flavor journey to the land of beefy delights. The beef flavors are concentrated.but the steaks remained very juicy. This steak was a treat. The T-bone below was from Willowside also. The T-bone has a filet with the bonus of a sirloin. Two steaks in one with a bone to knaw on later.  We are becoming very spoiled with the aged beef from Willowside

 We hoped you enjoyed our little 'Steakapalooza'. We loved eating and sharing these different cuts of beef. Whats on your grill?


Big Dude said...

It's hard to beat a good medium rare ribeye - you guys have been eating well and now I want a steak.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Rib-eye is our go to steak. It has been fun and tasty rediscovering the other cuts. I even like sirloin if it is properly cooked.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

This is a beautiful post. Any beef is good for me. But, if I am going for flavor, rib-eye or delmonico is our go to cut.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, Steak is a meal that I crave. We are very lucky to live close to great meat markets. I feel a meat adventure coming up.

Greg said...

I seem to go in phases but lately I like either porterhouse or ribeye. Corn fed and dry aged if I'm rich today.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am the same. I just love steak.