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Monday, June 13, 2011


Ms. Goofy and I are getting gosh darn spoiled. We have been visiting Angelo at “Angelo’s Smokehouse” in Petaluma California to purchase his meat wares and have been fed our last two visits.This is not your ordinary snack or meal but Italian treats that only a passionate and caring cook can create. Angelo today made us some ‘Genovese” risotto. Arborio rice perfumed with onions, garlic, spices and olive oil is simmered with “Italian Gravy” to create a warm and comforting treat. Angelo was pretty guarded with his recipe and secret preparation. All we know is it was pure, comforting joy. We stood around the kitchen and smiled in-between bites. This is one habit forming ritual that we love.

After our large and filling snack we went into Angelo’s meat preparation area and watched his assistant wrap some good looking fresh Italian sausage. You know a couple of links were destined for our ice chest. Our goal today was to purchase some breakfast sausage that we have become enamored with from our last visit. It just so happened that Angelo had a new duck breakfast sausage for us to try. We filled up our ice chest with meat treats and settled our bill. As we were leaving, Angelo gave us two salami sandwiches on warm house made foccacia to go. This is my kind of meat market.

Angelo is a talented butcher and cook. He loves to show off his handiwork. We are privileged to know him. His sense of humor and generosity is always appreciated. We cannot wait for our next visit. You too can get to know Angelo and experience our adventure. Angelo say’s for a nominal purchase he will cook for you too. Give him a call and tell him a Mad Meat Genius sent you. (And Ms. Goofy too)

Angelo's Smokehouse
2700 Adobe Road

Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 763 - 9586


Zoomie said...

What a find! I'm sure he appreciates your enthusiasm for his cooking, too.

Greg said...

I thought about swinging by there last weekend while in Sonoma but just ran out of day.Next time.

cookiecrumb said...

Was that a red sauce risotto? (I know, we're supposed to be talking about meat.)

Anonymous said...

You had me at 'risotto' but then you had to mention the duck sausage! Mmmmmm...

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, It is a visit you will be happy that you made.

Greg, Next time put Angelo's first on the list.

cookiecrumb, Italian gravy is a red sauce that has been simmered with meats. It was added to the rice to make one great dish.

Zia, I had an English muffin, egg, and duck sausage sandwich the next morning. It was so very good.

meathenge said...

Dang, and all I had for lunch was a turkey sammich. Probably not the same, huh?

xo, Biggles