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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The prudent choice for dinner should of been a salad after eating 15 different barbeque items for lunch. This was not the case for our Mad Meat Genius weekend. We wrapped up our ‘Barbeque 101’ class and needed to get the ‘Hell out of Dodge’. (L.A.) All the stories of traffic and smog are very true. We crawled through a maze of highways and drove four hours to Clovis California. Our destination was ‘QN4U’ a very popular and infamous barbeque restaurant. QN4U is the name of the restaurant and also Brent & Kim Walton’s competition barbeque team. The Walton’s are very successful competing in barbeque contests throughout the country. They have applied their winning formulas to a fun and exciting bbq restaurant.

QN4U is a huge barn like building. Walking through the doors will transport you to a western cowboy themed arena. A large mural of an old western town adorns one wall. Hundreds of barbeque trophies are proudly displayed on the walls throughout the restaurant. This place just has a fun vibration that suggests the meal to come will be great. The first menu item I noticed was a jalapeno and cheese stuffed hot dog that is bacon wrapped. We were on a mission to try the barbeque this trip. A combination platter of brisket, pork and ribs was my choice and a pulled pork sandwich was Ms. Goofy’s wish.

This was a huge platter that took up most of the table. My meat platter was accompanied by three award winning different bbq sauces. The sauce for the pork was sweet tomato based with a hint of smoke which was my favorite. The sauce for the brisket was a little too sweet for my taste. The meats were most excellent. This is barbeque to be proud of. Tender, smoky and most of all you could taste the meat. This meat was not overpowered by seasoning or smoke. The sides were stellar with the beans being a hands down favorite. Little chunks of brisket swam in a soupy pool of beans, molasses, and love. Ms. Goofy did not have a lot of room to eat her delicious pulled pork sandwich. It did not come with Cole slaw but our waitress promptly brought her some slaw. Ms. Goofy thought her sandwich was worth the four hour drive.

QN4U is our new destination barbeque restaurant. Unfortunately it is a three hour drive from our abode. QN4U offers barbeque classes and we have already put in our names for the next class. This will be a great reason to return to this ‘BBQ Palace’. I never did mention the piece of best ever pecan pie that was ordered to go and devoured back at the hotel room. Oh my gosh! What a find!


1414 Clovis Ave
Clovis, CA. 93612
(559) 765-4078


cookiecrumb said...

Aw, man! You got me Google mapping this place.

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Man, I would have loved to have known more about that class! Always looking for some here in CA.
Thanks again!

Zoomie said...

I'll tell My Beloved about this one - he sometimes goes to that neck of the woods on business and is always looking for good places to eat outside the Bay area.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, It will fall out of you hundred mile radius. I will sneek you some leftovers when we return.

Foodness Gracious, QN4U will have a class in November and we hope to attend. You will have to check with Harry Soo and register early to attend his class. Hope to see you soon.

Zoomie, Hands down, best ever, most excellent barbeque we have ever had in Clovis. It is on our top lists of bbq joints and we want to return.

cookiecrumb said...

Pretty soon I'm going to tell you what I ate yesterday. Local? It is to laugh.

Chilebrown said...

cookicrumb. Okay I give up. Pork
Roast at our abode.