Chilebrown at home

Friday, June 3, 2011


Today we will smoking eleven pounds of pork belly. This will take a couple of hours and a couple of snacks would sure be nice. It just so happens that my order of ‘Socrates’ Baconstein-Black Pepper’ bacon jerky arrived last week. This product just sounds brilliant. Who doesn’t like bacon or jerky? This product advertises savory bacon seasoned with spices and slow smoked over a hickory fire. I think I am in love. Let’s open up a pack and have a snack.
   Baconstein smells sweet and smoky just like bacon should. I think we should take a gander at the ingredient list just for research; bacon, sugar, paprika, garlic, and then the kicker, monosodium glutamate, and potassium sorbate. (For mold protection). Now MSG is not a bad thing unless you are allergic or over ingest. It is commonly used as a flavor enhancer. Back to the taste of Baconstein and one needs to be careful because it is so addicting. It is a little greasy but isn’t all bacon? Sweet and smoky, a little pepper sting, slightly chewy but not tough as some jerky can be is the verdict. Overall Baconstein is a convenient snack that actually tastes good. Will it replace traditional bacon? I do not think so.



Zoomie said...

Nothing will replace real bacon but it's nice to have that which you can take along without fear of spoiling.

Zoomie said...

It might make an interesting ingredient, too.

cookiecrumb said...

Could you make your own bacon jerky?

David said...

Think it was bacon before it was smoked? I have a couple of pork bellies I'd like to try something new on!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Potassium Sorbate works wonders I guess. I would use it as an ingredient but it will not last much longer.

cookiecrumb, I do not see why not. Might have to give it a try.

David, I am sure it was pork belly before it was smoked. I am not sure if it had been cured yet. I would guess it might of gone through a dehydrator too.

Greg said...

Have some bacon while you're making the bacon....a brilliant plan.