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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Canned bacon? Why not? Yoder's makes a canned bacon. I believe it is sold as stock for your pantry in case of an apocalypse or a bacon disaster. In any case my bbq friend Jon gave me a heads up on this must have product. When my canned bacon arrived the first thing I noticed was the camouflage packaging. I believe that is very prudent to hide your precious stash from zombies or intruders in the final hours. It is time to try some canned bacon. Ms. Goofy could only shrug her head in canine disbelief for my bacon obsession..

It was very difficult to remove said bacon from the can. Both ends of the can had to be opened with a can-opener. The tightly wound bacon roll was forced through the cylinder to reveal a greasy parchment paper cache of cooked bacon. It had a smoky bacon like smell. It looked like bacon. (It is bacon). Ms. Goofy and I both tried a slice. It was salty but passable as your garden variety store bought bacon. It was not bad. There were probably fifty slices crammed into this little can. The texture was limp and not very desirable

To change the texture and add a little crispness we broke out the trusty black iron. A quick searing and good texture was achieved. This also rendered a little bacon love left in the pan. The light bulb went off and cornbread came to mind. Bacon cornbread of course. We used a standard corn bread recipe and used our pre-seasoned pan we crisped the bacon in. Oh my did it smell heavenly while baking.

Yoder's canned bacon is not that bad. Our bacon cornbread was a success. I am not sure my pantry is, or will be stocked for the Zombie Apocalypses but if I do Yoder's canned bacon is a must have item. Thank Jon for the heads up.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looks interesting. If you had to choose between the bacon or dried beef in a can for the Zombie Apocalypse, which would you choose?

Zoomie said...

I love everything about this story. Thanks for sharing. You have made my afternoon.

Big Dude said...

I have honestly never heard of canned bacon although I guess it makes perfect sense - glad you were brave enough to try it for us :-). Looks like you made good use of it - cornbread with bacon crumbled in is hard to beat.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, a tough question indeed. I will have to think about that one. Since I have no immediate plans to try dried beef in a can, I guess bacon wins. Bacon is always a winner.

Zoomie, Thanks much. I hope Buzz is feeling better. We ate at the Brazilian steak house in your town. We enjoyed it but later that night I was extremely thirsty. Most likely from the seasonings.

Big Dude, This product might be good for camping trips because it does not need refrigeration. It might be a good fit for your pantry for your motor-home. I have a lot of fun trying new products.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown I have thank you for your last post. I was transported back in time to my early teens and visiting my great aunt Juanita. She was a Chickasaw Indian and would stand in line on the reservation for free caned meats and cheese from the government. She was only interested pork products and cheese but would take what she could get. She would use the can bacon for cheese and jalapeƱo corn bread which was very good. My was favorite was caned pork, she would make pulled pork tacos and enchiladas. Now for the bad, she could not pull out any good food from the caned whole chicken on the bone or the beef it was only nourishment. She would put all the love and skill she had and it was only food good enough to keep me alive for one more day and the hope that their was no leftovers for lunch the next day, food was never wasted in her home. Good memories, see you Tuesday Turkey and stuffing yahoo GWH out

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, Thankyou for sharing about your great aunt Juanita. That is a great memory.

About next Tuesday and our upcoming Meat Adventure. I plan to have an extra side of stuffing with my stuffing. I also plan to order a bucket of gravy. Over and Out.

Greg said...

I can add this to my Spam pantry collection. Got to be prepared! :)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Spam,Spam,Bacon and Spam is my favorite.