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Monday, January 5, 2015


We return to main street U.S.A; Petaluma, California. The Petaluma Pie Shop is our destination today. This is was one of those places you have driven by forever and always wanted to stop. Who doesn't love pie? Parking karma was present today in a backwards sort of way. Petaluma Pie shop is located in a little shopping cove located on the main drag.Parking was no where to be found. We circled the block and found a spot directly behind the shopping cove. There was a convenient little alley that delivered us to our intention. A colorful neon sign inviting us to 'Eat Pie" greeted us.

So many choices was our predicament. Pecan, apple, Pennsylvania Shoo Fly, German chocolate coconut  are just a few sweet selections. Savory pies in all sizes were available. Some smaller pies called hand pies sounded fantastic. Bacon & egg, cheeseburger, cornish pasty and a traditional chicken pot pie. This pie was made with "Mary's Organic" chicken. There was even a pulled pork pie. Petaluma Pie Company is another business that embraces the concept of 'farm to table'. All ingredients are sourced from local farms and farmers markets. The ingredients are organic, the pork is pasture raised and of course the beef is grass fed. We choose a chicken pot pie and a small pecan apple pie for our purchase. This was no easy task because everything looked so very good.

The chicken pie was frozen. It only took a brief trip to the oven and a egg wash for the crust to prepare our dinner. This pie was chock full of chicken and vegetables. There was a predominate herbal hit of tarragon and thyme. The vegetables were cooked to perfection. They still had a pleasant little bite. The chicken was tender and plentiful. You know it is all about the gravy. (mang). This was gravy that had me licking the plate.

The pecan apple pie was the perfect dessert. I love pie!!!!. I will not have the dilemma of so many choices next time because I all ready have the pulled pork pie on my mind. Another added bonus of this shop is the location across the street from Thistle Meats. So many 'Meat Adventures" so little time.

Petaluma Pie Company
125 Petaluma Blvd. N
. Petaluma, CA 94952


Zoomie said...

A great find!

Aaron said...

Love that place in berry season. Sharpen your pencil for Saturday, I don't want to have to rap your knuckles with my ruler for pulling anyone's ponytail.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, and right across the street from Thistle. Angelo is only five minutes away too.

Aaron, We are so looking forward to the Advanced BBQ Judges class. I hope you are ready for hecklers. Well maybe no heckling but be prepared for rapid fire questions.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Was Little Jack Horner sitting in the corner eating a leftover Christmas pie?

Anonymous said...

In Australia hand pies are basically the national dish. Generally just imaginatively titled as "meat pies", you can buy them everywhere from gas stations through to gourmet bakeries

pulled pork pie sounds pretty amazing - I did some with pulled beef recently that were fairly popular

great, now I'm going to have to get a pie for lunch

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I prefer to eat my pie on the couch in front of the TV., Pulled pork pie is on the list. Is the national dish sweet or savory? Either way it sounds good to me.

Greg said...

PIe! I loves pie.