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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


We have refueled and replenished our spirits after visiting Andersen's in Santa Nella. We are back on the long straight interstate heading towards LaLa land.(Los Angeles) The next must stop destination is Harris Ranch.Harris Ranch is the largest beef producer on the West Coast. You know you are getting close when your eyes start to water and you turn around to blame it on the dog and the dog is not even in the car. Let's just say a very pungent barnyard aroma will penetrate through open windows and air conditioners to let you know Harris Ranch is near. You will see thousand of cattle before your destination. Harris Ranch has the good sense to locate the restaurant several miles away from the stockyards. Even though the distance, the smell will still linger on your mind.

Harris Ranch is set up for the interstate traveler. Restaurant, bar, clean bathrooms and of course a gift shop. This gift shop is typical of most gift shops. They have an extensive line of dust gathers, candy, preserves and trinkets that you have always needed. There is one section of the gift shop that makes this stop so worth while. They have a meat market right in the middle of the gift shop. Well, Harris is the biggest beef producer on the West Coast.

This meat market is stocked with USDA Choice grade beef. The prices are reasonable. The helpful clerks will assist you in your meat purchase and they will even pack them in dry ice for your traveling convenience. I was like a kid in the candy store. My cart was filled with Porter House, Baseball cut sirloin and a beautiful Cowboy cut rib-eye.

Harris Ranch is a must stop if you are travailing the I-5 corridor. It is not to hard to find. In fact I can safety say; Follow your nose. Harris Ranch has a good restaurant if you would like to try some of their beef. Walking to the front entrance you will see some huge beef roasts cooking for meal service. Harris Ranch beef is found at many West Coast stores if you are not an interstate traveler. When and if we venture to Southern California again we will definitely stop at Harris Ranch.

Shot taken out of Racing Honda at warp speeds.

Harris Ranch


Greg said...

you are right on about the smell. We stopped there once with the kids and the place was a riot of people.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am a city slicker and that odor is a little much to take.