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Monday, April 20, 2015


Last year we were very disappointed when we heard the Asparagus festival had been disbanded by the city of Stockton. A new group has revived this festival celebrating the spears of spring resurrecting as the "San Joaquin Asparagus Festival'. A new venue of the San Joaquin County Fair Grounds (Stockton) is the new location of one of our favorite festivals. This is the first year of the new festival and we had to attend. There will be no asparagus eating contest so I will have to step up my eating game.

The San Juaquin fair grounds is an old time step back into memory lane. The entrance spills out onto the midway. The same thrill rides from half a century ago are still there. Carnival barkers still trying to entice you to win the oversize stuffed animal sing their song. A nostalgic feeling brings on a craving of a corn dog slathered in mustard. Instead, we have a scrumptious 'Smoked Dakota' bratwurst from our friends from Lockford Sausage.

We wander the grounds browsing the numerous vendors trying to avoid the temptations. Will I get that henna tattoo this year? I really do not need that time share in Cabo do I?. We are treated to a car show. Lots of pride and chrome was shining at this display. I liked the rat-rod pictured. We happened across the "Asparagus Queen" who graciously put down her 150 ounce soda for this image. (I found out later that she was not the Asparagus Queen. Who reads labels?).

There was a roller derby demonstration. This was my highlight of the day. I used to love roller derby as a child. I still do. They skated a small oval right on the rough cement. These warriors on wheels are true athletes. There weer spills and thrills on this unforgiving track. I do not remember which team won but victory was seen on my smiling face.

The new 'San Joaguin Asparagus Festival' is smaller in scope than past festivals. It has potential to regain its past glory. We had a fun time at this old time venue. We did sample some very delicious asparagus lumpia. We will return next year so I can finally get that henna tattoo.


Greg said...

Good times! Looks like a blast.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown, Can i see your hyena tattoos? How about Miss Goofy's

Chilebrown said...

Greg, We had a lot of fun. I did not win any stuffed animals maybe because I did not try.


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr, Brown. Are you speaking for Miss Goofy or did you even asking her? GWH

Chilebrown said...

GWH, You know what you have done. I will not air dirty laundry over the air waves. I think the only way you can redeem yourself is to deliver fresh Dakota sausage. Then and only then the healing process can begin. Stand and deliver oh greatwhite hunter.