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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Some people watch the home shopping network. I have a weakness to browse Craigslist, specifically the barbeque section. You never know what  bbq treasure somebody wants to sell or barter. My latest find is the Man Grate. This is a cast iron grate that sits over your existing cooking grill. Cast iron will hold a higher heat for a longer time producing better carmelization and superior grill marks. I do own a cast iron grate and use it all the time but this was a deal this Mad Meat Genius could not pass up.

The Man Grate considers itself a grill enhancment system. This is a fancy way to say they want you to buy more than one grate. I say this because the measurements are 15' long by 4 1/4' by 1 2/8' high. A little over 4 inches is not a lot of room to cook a large steak. We only have the one to play with today so lets give it a try. The first step is to cure the grate. This is standard procedure for any cast iron pan. It is cleaned and coasted with oil and then baked in high heat. This will form an almost non-stick character to the cast iron. Once this was done a rib-eye steak would be put to the test. A hot charcoal fire was built. The Man Grate was placed on my old existing grate and given 10 minutes to heat up. I placed the steak on the great to hear a wonderful sizzle. This sound was music to my ears. Several minutes went by and I rotated the steak to brand those wonderful grill marks. The steak was flipped and cooked to a medium rare.

The Man Grate delivered what was promised. It is a heavy duty cast iron grate that will only get better with age and curing. It was practically non-stick in its first use. Cast iron is the way to go grilling steaks. The next time I will let the Man Grate heat up even longer for a faster cook. The only problem is I will have to purchase steaks that are only 4 inches wide or wait for another Craigslist find.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Have you used the GrillGrates and if so, how does the Man Grate compare? I've been eyeing up the Grill Grates.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I only know what I have read on their website. They are made out of anodized aluminum. They are a little wider at 5 inches but you probably should buy a couple. I have never tried them but I am a big fan of cast iron so I may be a little biased. Cast iron needs a little TLC but it is worth it. Based on what I have read and experienced I would vote for the Man Grate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trying out our ManGrates. Yes, grilling a big steak on a single is crowded, can we send you a couple more to expand your grill surface? Send me your details at
Three Dogs BBQ - We want you grilling on cast iron --not anodized aluminum. Contact me!