Chilebrown at home

Sunday, November 8, 2015


The end of the competition barbeque season does not mean the end of enjoying barbeque. What do competitors and judges do in the off season? Here in California we are blessed with beautiful weather in November. Why not have a picnic? That is exactly what we did. We held the first Barbecue Junkie Potluck. We gathered at a small local park in Martinez California. The theme of this potluck was to bring a dish using leftover bbq meat.  We would like to share a couple of images with you.

Social media, (Facebook) was the invitation that combined this like-minded group of bbq people today. Kickoff time was 11:00am. This was probably a relief to most competitors that are used to staying up all night tending their cooker fires. This group of ‘Barbecue Junkies” arrived right on time most likely because of their practice of making turn-in times. The tables were set and the food was spread out.

Pork dishes ruled the buffet table today. Smoky posole, chile verde, numerous variations of chili, and tamale pie lined the festive table. Desserts and possible left over trick or treat candy pleased this sweet toothed judge. Dips, chips and various snacks were put out for munching purposes. Dana brought some practice competition brisket for our enjoyment. Nobody left this table hungry.

My contribution to this potluck was to make some jalapeno cheese bread in a dutch oven. At home I proofed the dough and added parmesan, cheddar and sliced jalapenos. At the park this was baked off in the dutch oven. My dutch oven skill were a little rusty but everybody seemed to enjoy the finished product.

An impromptu Scotch tasting was held by several barbeque enthusiast. Everybody had a great time. The pressures of competition and judging were not present today. It provided a festive atmosphere of sharing food, stories and friendship. It was fun to see barbeque people out of the competition element. Of course I ate too much but that was alright because we are ‘Barbecue Junkies’. We cannot wait till next time.


Ms Goofy said...

So much fun and I didn't have to fill out one comment card! Great food!

Smokey Luv said...

Had a great and delicious time. Can't wait until the next one!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

One of the highlights of a BBQ weekend is the team potluck. Love those gatherings. We even have a mid-winter get together in NY. Fun and food and no turnin times!

Chilebrown said...

Ms. Goofy, I think you should make a cheesecake to celebrate.

Smokey Luv, Thankyou for organizing. Good times.

Three Dogs BBQ, Out your way do they call potluck, hotdish? You see some creative dishes for sure.