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Saturday, November 21, 2015


We are traveling at breakneck speeds to the ‘City’ by the bay in the Racing Honda. Maybe not breakneck speeds but the traffic is moving and that is a good sign because we are going on a Meat Adventure to Guerra Quality Meats. Since 1954 Guerra Quality Meats has been located in the Parkside district of San Francisco. Ms. Goofy and I notice the mansion size and opulence of the houses as we got closer to our destination. We joke that the prices may match the size of the houses. We arrive and parking is not a problem.

Once inside a feeling of warmth and familiarity encompasses us with comforting smells and sights. There is a small kitchen turning out food for sale and it smells good. A full deli and catering services are available.  Meat display cases are abundant with plenty of employees to match. We first notice a display case with raviolis, pasta and sauces.  I had my camera out and was taking a couple of pictures when one of the butchers, Milton wanted to see how his picture turned out.

We had an instant friend with Milton who wanted a copy of his image. Another employee became our personal valet to help purchase and answer any questions we peppered him with. There was a lot to choose from. One interesting service Guerra’s offers is old fashioned artery brining. This process is when brine is injected directly into the artery of say a brisket to cure it to corned beef. It is time consuming and not generally done anymore.

We picked up some house made sausage and some stuffed pork chops. We also picked up a beautiful New York steak. It looked fantastic with its fat marbling. It cost almost 20 dollars a pound and I just assumed it was because it was because of the location. I asked if this was ‘USDA Choice’ grade beef. I was informed it was ‘USDA Prime’, so the cost all of a sudden sounded fairly reasonable; almost a bargain.

There was a lot of prepared food for sale such as; twice baked potato, heat & serve pasta with swordfish, and many deli style items. Ms. Goofy picked up some dried mushrooms to add to our basket. This market had almost every ingredient imaginable to form a decadent and gourmet meal. This was our kind of meat market.

Guerra Quality Meats is a destination meat market. It is located far away from downtown so parking is not a problem. The service was friendly, almost like we were old friends. Stay tuned for a look at our Prime N.Y. steak but we would like to leave you with an image of our stuffed pork chop. This was a great Meat Adventure.

490 Taraval Street
 San Francisco, CA 94116


Big Dude said...

There is very little I like about big cities but access to places like this is one I do like

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, We really enjoy visiting San Francisco but we do not like the journey to and from. It is a half hour drive from our abode but it is a very rare occasion of no traffic. Traffic keeps us away from the City unfortunately.