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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Ms. Goofy's favorite comfort dish is pork chops and stuffing. Do you ever have the conversation; What do you want for dinner? Well, Ms. Goofy volunteered to make pork chops and stuffing if I procured the chops. Say no more. Faster than you can say 'pig in a poke', 'when pigs can fly' and 'this little piggy went to market, I went to 'Clove & Hoof' in Oakland. This meat market had some beautiful brined Berkshire Porterhouse pork chops. These chops looked elegant with a price tag reinforcing the decadence. I raced home to give Ms. Goofy our prize.

Ms. Goofy is wonderful cook when she makes dishes from her vast repertoire of comfort food. Her stuffing is made from scratch. Plenty of fresh vegetables and even a small amount of sausage goes into her stuffing. She lightly browned the chops on the stove-top and then finished them in the oven cradled in a stuffing cocoon. The house smelled fantastic. What a treat! You have to experience Berkshire pork. This is pork the way pork should taste. I hate to admit but even the huge fat cap was delicious. I almost forgot. This meal included a bucket of gravy to gild the lily. Oh my! This was a memorable feast.


Unknown said...

Looks great! Love the blog. Can you grace us with the stuffing recipe?

Big Dude said...

My tummy is now growling as this is also one of our favorite dishes although we've never tried the high dollar chops - they look spectacular. And topping it off with a lot of gravy makes it the perfect meal for me - I like gravy on about everything but have a daughter who doesn't eat it. I can only assume it's because she was primarily raised by her mom after our divorce.

Chilebrown said...

Fixit Nau, Ms. Goofy winged the recipe time but the ingredients are; bread cubes, celery, onion, red bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, garlic and a little bit of cooked italian sausage. The vegetables are sauted in butter. All the ingredients are combined and seasoned with salt and pepper. The mixture is then moistened with chicken broth. The baking time is aprox 30 minutes at 375 degrees or until your pork chops are up to temperature. I hope that helps. I like to add sliced water chestnuts for a little crunch.

Big Dude, I would like to quote the Reverend Biggles; 'It is all about the gravy Mang"

Zoomie said...

Sounds and looks wonderful! Must visit that butcher next time I'm in Oakland.