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Friday, January 8, 2016


Sunny California has been gifted with a much needed soaking of rain these last several days. This was the perfect opportunity to continue our search for the best Chile Verde. Our journey brings us to Martinez California to sample the Chile Verde offered by the small chain of Cinco de Mayo. Parking karma did not apply today because they do have a small lot right in front. Once inside there is a counter with a signboard menu offering many food combinations.  The prices are very reasonable. An order is placed and you are directed to a small self-service salsa bar.

A good indicator of the food to come is the salsa bar. Does the restaurant take the time to make quality salsas? This salsa bar will receive only a passing grade. It was the standard fair of canned pickled carrots and jalapenos, verde & red salsa and a fair rendition of pico de gallo. This salsa bar did not pop with excitement. Our orders were delivered to our table very quickly. We did time our dinning perfectly. We arrived seconds before a big lunch rush.

Both of our plates looked great. The proportions were generous. My Chile Verde was seasoned nicely. The green sauce did have pepper flavor. The cubes of pork were leaning to the chewy side. The beans and rice were filling. This rendition of Chile Verde was decent but just did not sing out with pizzazz and vibrancy. Ms. Goofy was not enamored with her “Wet” Super Carnitas Burrito.

Cinco de Mayo is an inexpensive place to grab a decent meal. It is popular with the local residents. My Chile Verde was decent, the salsa okay and Ms. Goofy’s burrito not memorable. With so many other Mexican restaurants to try our journey will continue.
Cinco de Mayo.
2250 Pacheco Blvd
 Martinez, CA 94553

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