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Monday, February 22, 2016


Bacon Rub promises 'bacon wrapped flavor", Is this another hollow promise or a food revelation to rock my bacon world? "J&D's" company producers of the infamous bacon salt have come out with another bacon product that has spiked my curiosity. This is a spice rub for meat, vegetables.and has the added bonus of being 'all natural'. I guess all natural is better than all artificial. We are going to test run Bacon Rub on some grilled pork chops. I have my fingers crossed.

Like 'J&D's" bacon salt, no actual bacon is in this product. It has "Natural Smoke Flavoring". The term natural is becoming a little concern to me. The kicker ingredient is yeast extract. I have come across this ingredient in bacon products before. Yeast extract mimics the smell and taste of bacon if you pretend very hard. There is salt, sugar, paprika garlic & mustard powders to add to the mix of this rub. It does have a baconesque like smell. This is a rub and should season our pork chops with some success. The million dollar question, is there 'bacon wrapped flavor'?

Here is the verdict straight from Ms. Goofy. These chops taste great. But!!!!. I did not tell her that I used Bacon Rub. She did like the chops but did not mention or know of the so called bacon wrapped flavor. I also did not notice bacon flavor. This is a good all purpose rub. The ingredients of sugar, salt, and spices do complement and season pork and will work well with other proteins. Bacon Rub is a decent all-purpose rub but fails in bacon wrapped flavor like so many before. It was fun and tasty to give it a try.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Kinda looks like ground up bacon bits. But, at least it tasted good.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, It is not such a bad rub but just does not deliver bacon wrapped flavor. Oh well.

Greg said...

Where's the bacon!? ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Not here, once again.