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Friday, February 12, 2016


Winter is still here but you would not know it with the spring like weather.  The thermometer has broken the seventy degree market. I just wanted to share this image of some colorful vegetables found at the Marin Farmers Market. Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means;Asparagus. I cannot wait.


Big Dude said...

I used to try to grow white cauliflower but never could get it pretty and white so I gave up and grew the purple and green along with cheddar - they all came out very well.

Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

Big Dude, I have tried to grow cauliflower too without great luck. I really love the romanesco pictured. It has a nutty taste. They were pretty expensive a couple of years ago but more farmers are growing it bringing down the price.

Chris said...

Our market closes from Nov to May, they don't even try. Then again, it's like 15 degrees below "there's no way in hell I'm going outside" here so.....

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looking good. What's the purple stuff? Cauliflower finally came down to a reasonable price. So I grabbed a head. It seems that cauliflower is now the hipster veggie of choice. Or, so they say.

Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

Chris, I cannot even imagine 15 below. I am cold just typing it. That is not too good for bike riding either.

Three Dogs BBQ, The purple is cauliflower too. Romanesco was yesterdays new vegetables. You see it a lot more and it has gone down in price.