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Monday, July 4, 2016


In competition bbq you want every advantage possible. A lot of competitors have been using Snake River Farms beef briskets with good results. There is a slight drawback with this strategy because of a 200 dollar plus shipping price tag. Lately competitors have been switching to Brandt beef briskets. They are quality premium prime grade corn fed natural beef with no added hormones. They also demand half the price of SRF. Ms. Goofy gifted me a Brandt brisket for my birthday. Boy, does she spoil me. Grab a plate because we are going to cook some brisket.

The brisket arrived by carrier housed in a styrofoam insulated box. This was a fresh, not frozen hunk of beef. At first I was not overly impressed by this shape and size of flat and the point of this particular brisket. I started to trim fat before seasoning. There was a lot of fat to trim. I reserved this fat for future sausage making endeavors.  We seasoned the brisket with a beef centric rub. It was time for a 10 hour trip to the smoker. Six hours into this smoky sauna we wrapped our brisket in foil. Wrapping the brisket helps tenderize the final product. The brisket was done and after an hour rest we separated the point from the flat. We reserved the flat and made burnt ends from the point.

It was time to eat. Ms. Goofy made some fantastic jalapeno mac & cheese to accompany our beef. We also had some fresh yellow corn from the farmers market. The brisket turned out great especially the burnt ends. I like to think of the burn ends as meat candy. The bark is caramelized to a sugary/savory treat. The inside of the burnt end are moist and decadently savory. The slices from the point end had a wonderful beefy flavor. This could win any competition.

I can see why competitors are switching to Brandt brand beef briskets. With the proper cooking technique one can make award winning brisket. This brisket had deep rich corn fed beef flavor. This is a flavor we crave. In fact I am going to make a sandwich once we are done. This was one of the best birthday presents ever. Ms. Goofy you are the best.

Brandt Beef


Big Dude said...

Recently it has occurred to me that the competitors should all use a Walmart select brisket then you could see who the best cooks really are - the person who can turn the tough piece of meat into something tender & delicious.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Some competitions provide the meat, so they start on a level playing field. It is not cheap to compete.

Greg said...

Drooling over here!

Greg said...

CB-where can one obtain Beef Plate Ribs at less than the price of a small car? I saw them on TV and they look good!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I believe you mean beef short ribs. Good luck finding them on the cheap. I can offer a suggestion. I have found short ribs at some of the local Mexican markets. You may have to ask for the whole bone. They usually cut them thinly across the bone for bbq. Let me know how it goes.