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Sunday, July 17, 2016


The equation of bbq, chili, cars, trucks, fun and sun equals another great weekend to enjoy. This weekend we were in Dixon, California to participate in the 'Dixon's Grilling & Chillin Car & Truck Show. It was a warm one today. The mercury was pushing the 90 degree mark. This made for a hot time in downtown Dixon. Old time cars lined the sidewalks. A lot of spit and polish made these classic beauties shine. This Amphicar caught my attention. It was spitting water at passerby's that got to close. Ms.Goofy and I were there to judge bbq today. We had a couple of unique experiences this week and this event was no exception. Sit on back, we are going to stroll downtown Dixon.

This was a chili contest too. The chili hungry crowd were the judges today. They purchased tasting tickets to sample the various different chili. They then voted for their favorite. Take a gander at this custom bbq pitt below. It is a type of barrel cooker with a exterior fire box. The cook volunteered to open the lid for an interior shot. When he opened the lid a vortex of hot air rose that included small pieces of ash. I am not sure if this was a desirable attribute.(Click the second image below to see a close up of the vortex).

This image above tickles my fancy. I am not sure the promoters condoned this activity but there was a "Learn to Ride" exhibit right in front of Luke's Lounge. I hope the two were not related. Below a whole pig on the spit impressed.

I mentioned this was a unique experience. What made this contest stand out was our judging duties were held in a tattoo parlor. Now, I am not complaining because it was spacious and air conditioned. I just had a little hard time watching this women get some sort of tattoo on her face. (eyebrows?) She was in that chair for several hours; ouch!. There were 22 teams today. We love our job of tasting an scoring fantastic bbq. What a wonderful day. I cannot wait till next weekend.

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