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Friday, August 11, 2017


Last weekend we squeezed in a mini Meat Adventure before our rib judging duties. We visited Adam's Meat Shop in Folsom California. Adam's was found by an old fashioned Google search. I just wrote this last sentence and had a little aside; A Google search is old fashioned? Adam's is located in a fairly new strip mall anchored by a huge Lowe's store. The outside is non-descript and I would have never found it if I had not been looking. We enter to a bright clean modern butcher shop.

Adams's offers a full butcher shop with all the trimmings. They will process game for the hunters and do custom cuts if requested. The sausage is house made with many different flavor offerings.They boast no nitrates and preservatives are used. I found a habanero/pineapple which was put into our cart. The meat refrigerators had some really nice looking bacon but it was not made by Adams so I passed this time.

We found some really nice USDA Choice Porterhouse steaks which called out our names. We had this for dinner the following day and it had all the right moves. It had a corn-fed beef flavor that we crave. The filet side was melt in your mouth tender with the strip side full of robustness of flavor. I even gnawed on the bone, it was that good.

Adam's Meat Shop will take care of all the meat needs for local residents of Folsom. It we are ever in this area Adams will be one of our stops. This was a good meat find.

Adam's Meat Shop
850 E. Bidwell St #145
Folsom, CA 95630


Greg said...

porterhouse is my favorite beef cut. the best of two worlds!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Filet is for Ms. Goofy and I the strip. I have to wrestle our dog Lucy for the bone.