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Monday, September 18, 2017


Will You Marry Me?

A marriage proposal at the awards ceremony was the icing on the cake for two competitive cooks at the 3rd Annual Hot Q's & Cold Brews BBQ held at the Feather Falls Casino. A motorcycle rally, music, gambling, hot sauce, cheesecake, micro-beer and a four meat Kansas City Society Barbecue sanctioned bbq contest was all experienced this weekend. The weather was perfect with the temperature hovering in the 80's. Hop on your motorcycle and lets take a look. 

It was great to see our barbeque family friends this weekend. It is getting towards the end of the season and we are bracing ourselves for the bbq dormant winter. Today was a hot and spicy celebration because my friend and hot sauce vendor Enrique of Monroy's Original Hot Sauce Company had a selection for me to choose from. I had another treat from a local bakery The Jokers Bakery. I bought a almond amaretto cheesecake; "That's what I am talkin about".

A motorcycle rally was held to whet the bbq appetite of many enthusiasts. It was fun to see all the polished chrome on these bikes. After their ride the riders could imbibe of cold micro-beer made right at the casinos house brewery. After one had their fill on 'Hot Q's & Cold Brews they could go into the air conditioned casino and place some wagers. This festival had something for everyone.

The local high school cheering squad was on hand today. I did not want to seem too creepy by just taking pictures of them so I asked first. They enthusiastically asked me if I wanted them to cheer my name. Chilebrown was a little long so they shortened it to the P. A. U. L. cheer. What fun.

Congratulations to 'Mar B Que's for winning the Grand Championship today. This was a wonderful day to wind down the bbq season. Today's event had something for everybody. We are still smiling. Thankyou Feather Falls Casino for hosting the event. This casino is a class act and we plan to return again and again. 

P.S. She did say yes. 


Aaron said...

This contest was my favorite of the year in NorCal. Unfortunately I forgot about the hot sauce after a couple imperial pilsners. Thankfully the brewpub element is in a (cigarette) smoke-free zone. We hit Sutter Buttes Brewing the night before & Berryessa in Winters on the way home for a 3-brewery 4 meat road trip.

For future research purposes this is the steakhouse we arrived in Yuba City too late to try:

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, You are in luck to try Monroy's hot sauce. It is carried at the Safeway at the Rockridge center. It is worth a try. The restaurant in Yuba City sounds like my kind of place. I am looking forward to your report.