Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


It is time to celebrate our birthday/anniversary and we love a good steakhouse. Our barbeque friend Kevin has been shouting praises about Original Joe’s for a while.  Now there are four different Original Joe’s in the Bay Area that I know of. This one is located in downtown San Jose right near the convention center. This Original Joe’s opened in the 60’s and has survived the transformation of downtown San Jose. Downtown San Jose has been revitalized to host many trendy restaurants and nightclubs. The San Jose Sharks ice hockey team plays in the arena right around the corner. Parking Karma was turned off today and we parked in the Convention Center which was a brisk 10 minute walk away.

We entered into a packed restaurant for a Tuesday evening. The server told us it was a 15 minute wait and it was. Original Joe’s has a old time feel to it. The lighting is low and you notice right away the waiters are dressed in dinner jackets. There is counter seating to watch the kitchen do its magic. Wooden table are surrounded by low booths that to me resemble an upscale type coffee house. There is a separate bar area which was also busy with diners and cocktail enthusiasts. The service was quick and efficient. Our waiter did not write anything down when he took our order and that always worries me a little bit. Not to worry because our meal was delivered with accuracy.

Let’s just start with the end of our meal. We enjoyed it. Everything was good and plentiful. The 18 ounce New York strip steak was cooked to medium rare as requested. Ms. Goofy had a huge hub cap of veal parmesan that no way was she going to finish even with my help. The raviolis were soft and pillow like with a ton of sauce. Sure I can nitpick about the salad lettuce leaves not cut to bite size pieces and the steak being under seasoned. Sure I can say the marinara sauce for the ravioli was pedestrian and too plentiful and the mushrooms needed some salt but I won’t. This was an old fashioned meal that may have been stuck in the 60’s era that customers expect and love from Original Joe’s.


We really enjoyed eating at and experiencing Original Joe’s of San Jose. It is nice to experience a feeling and vibration of the past. Original Joe’s is that culinary journey down memory lane.  I am glad this restaurant has survived and there is a reason for it. This was a wonderful way to celebrate our birthday/anniversary.