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Saturday, March 3, 2018


My Big Fat Birthday Month Celebration is over but is it?. Ms. Goofy gifted me the most wonderful box of American Wagyu Black Grade Tomahawk Snakes from Snake River Farms. Oh my! She knows what I like. This is a 2.5 pound rib-eye steak with a huge bone to mimic a tomahawk. It is also some of the best beef available comprising of the Black Grade American Wagyu beef. This grade is higher than USDA Prime. It has been wet aged for 21plus days. Needless to say they are very expensive and sought after by chefs and beef connoisseurs such as myself. We are going to cook one tonight.

I always have a little anxiety when cooking such a prize piece of beef. I want everything to turn out perfect. We used our new Weber kettle for tonight's cook. A large chimney full of charcoal briquettes was lit and placed on one side of the kettle. We wanted two cooking zones. A direct and indirect side would be used. This fire was smokin' hot. The steak was placed on the direct side of the grill which immediately produced flames because of the very high marbling fat content of this steak. The steak was seared, then placed on the indirect side and covered with the kettle lid. Another 10 minutes of cooking until the temperature reached 115. We wanted to serve this steak medium rare on the rare side. After a 10 minute rest we feasted on some of the best steak ever.

This was a steak to remember. Ms. Goofy knows how to treat her man. How can I describe the lusciousness, savory flavor of this beef. The fat has an almost buttery quality to it. Serving this steak at medium rare on the rare side guaranteed the tenderness of this cut. Every bite was an invitation of craving for the next morsel. It was almost a religious experience. I hope that each and everyone of you someday tries this American Wagyu Black Grade Tomahawk steak. I am dreaming about cooking the second steak from my gift box which is taking a brief nap in the Chilebrown Ice Cave.


Big Dude said...

That is a really nice BD gift - glad it turned out well.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Ms. Goofy knows what I like.