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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Creamed corn, so simple but so satisfying. Sweet corn on the cob is in peak season right now. All the farmers markets, stores and sometimes even my backyard has fresh corn available. I had forgotten how easy this dish  is to make We picked up several ears of corn at our local farmers market and decided to make some creamed corn.

Four tablespoons of butter, 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of flour, salt & pepper and 4 ears of corn (We used 2 yellow and 2 white)  are all the ingredients needed. Cut the kernels from the ears of corn and reserve in a bowl. Take a spoon and scrape the cob to get all the remaining corn starch Whisk the flour into the milk. Melt the butter into a saute pan over medium heat. Add the corn and briefly stir. Add the milk and bring to simmer. Add the salt & pepper to taste. Cook for around 5 minutes or until mixture is thick and creamy. I like the corn to still have a little bite. Now wasn't that easy.

We served our creamed corn with some barbequed steak. This dish is so satisfying. A lot of recipes call for a little sugar to be added to this dish. Our corn was so fresh this was not needed. Sometimes simple is so much better.


Patsy Irene (Chillin' with Patsy) said...

Wonderful! thank you, so much nicer than creamed corn from a can. No need for sugar.

Big Dude said...

Looking good - we've been having corn about four times a week because once the fresh is gone we don't eat it until next season - we're spoiled on the good stuff.

Chilebrown said...

Patsy Irene, This is good old fashioned comfort food.

Big Dude, We love fresh corn when it is in season. Good stuff.

Little Big Al said...

I have a corn-creamer, a tool that resembles a molding plane, which cuts the corn off the cob and milks the cob. Then I just put the slurry and some butter in a double boiler. No milk, no flour. The corn starch thickens it enough. I save it in one cup freezer tubs and add it to a batch of polenta, to make the best polenta in the world!

Chilebrown said...

Little Big Al, That sounds fantastic. I need a tool like that.