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Friday, December 28, 2018


My sister, 'The President of Cookies" gifted me so many fun products this Christmas. She gave me a huge stocking full of food products full of bacon, chile peppers and spices. She knows what I like. Today we will try a hot pepper bacon jam made by Terrapin Ridge Farms. I am usually disappointed in so called bacon products and a quick litmus test is to read the ingredient list. I want to love this jam so against my better judgement lets read the list.
    Ingredients:  sugar, roasted red bell pepper puree, jalapeno peppers, vinegar, salt, bacon, honey, dehydrated pork broth, smoke flavoring, pectin, lemon juice, natural flavorings and several preserving chemicals. Just a quick note on this list. I condensed the list and lumped the chemicals all together and nothing seemed out the ordinary. What my personnel red flag was the smoke flavoring. I am not a fan of liquid smoke. Period.

The lid is unscrewed to release a campfire of smoke aroma. This product has a chimney full of liquid smoke. We tasted this on a buttered homemade English muffin. I will cut to the chase and say I really like it. There are real bits of bacon in this thick sweet spicy jam. The red pepper puree is special with its sweetness and pepper flavor. The jalapenos give the jam a gentle heat that whisper a warmness to your palate. The real bacon pieces are a texture and pleasant bite of saltiness that is a vital component in this mix.  I was concerned about the liquid smoke. It is a little heavy but adds even another level to this flavorful jam. The sugar and honey is the binder to combine all these separate ingredients to form a harmonious symphony of flavors. BRAVO. This jam would be perfect with cream cheese and crackers or in a cheese tortilla roll up. We have a winner today. 

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