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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


 As some of you may know I am a collector of custom kitchen and Buck knives. This weekend was the Oregon Knife Show. Yours truly was solo in attendance. It was held in rainy Eugene Oregon. When I am in a unfamiliar town I always ask the locals for the best steakhouse in town. There was a consensus of the Oregon Electric Station. Let's go take a look.

The Oregon Electric Station building was built in 1914 as a station for the Oregon Electric Railway. The beautiful building has been converted into a restaurant. Inside restored train cars serve as your dining destination. This was a fun modern re purpose of Oregon history. Parking karma was not needed because they have an adjacent lot. I was seated right away because it was early.

 The service was fantastic. My USDA Choice New York strip was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was served with a side of mushrooms, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables and a very rich demi- glace brown gravy. This was a very good dinner with fun surroundings.

To top of my decadent dinner cheesecake was in order. This slice had a reduced bourbon caramel glaze. I received my dinner bill and was pleasantly surprised. I am so used to California inflated prices that this dinner seemed like a bargain. It was around half the price of a comparable dinner in the Bay Area.

This is not a picture of me. It may be me in five years from now. This gentleman was an attendee of the knife show and he was prepared. I am back in California but still have memories of a great dinner at the Oregon Electric Station.

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