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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


While judging at the Santa Anita bbq event we met the owner of the Cucamonga Cattle Company. The Cucamonga Cattle Company is a competing bbq team and makes sauces and rubs. We purchased an all-purpose rub and a mustard based barbeque sauce. Mustard based sauces are great accompaniment for pulled pork. We would like to share a short review on both.

The rub is titled Trail Boss. It is an all-purpose rub instead of a meat specific rub. This rub claims to be goo on pork, beef, chicken and fish. It also claims to be low on sodium. I am not sure this is a good thing in a rub unless you have dietary needs to limit salt. The ingredient list is the usual subjects for a rub and the first ingredient listed is sugar. This is a sweet rub. We tried it on a pork steak which we cooked on a hot grill. The sugars caramelized very nicely to form a sweet savory meat crust. This really worked. I thought the salt level was just fine. (Note to self; maybe we do not need all that salt?). We cannot wait to try this on other meats.

This sauce has all the right moves for pulled pork. It is a free flowing sauce with just the right amount of mustard tang. The label claims the sauce to be spicy but we find it is spicy in a mustard type of twang. We shredded a pork roast and added sauce and reheated all in a cast iron pan for some of the best pulled pork sandwiches.
   We like these products and you can order the rubs from their website. I do not see the mustard sauce and we may just have to wait till next year when we attend the Santa Anita barbeque competition again.

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