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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Our good friend and fellow certified Kansas City Barbecue Society Master Judge is a fan of Portuguese sausage. He has grown up eating Santo's brand  Portuguese linguica. Unfortunately Santo's has shuttered their doors permanently and Scott has been on a quest to find his holy grail of the Portuguese linguica. He has found a comparable substitute in the Goulart's brand and was excited for me to try some. He gifted me a package at our last barbeque competition and we are going to give it a try today.

This sausage is already cooked and only needs to be heated or grilled to add another layer of flavor. We included the sausage on or grill of chicken wings and asparagus. We noticed their is a high fat content in this sausage by the immediate flare ups on the grill. It only took several minutes to add a char and heat these meat tubes.

The linguisa had a snap from the casing when bitten into.  The texture of the meat was a course chop of seasoned meat. I detected a slight tang of sourness possibly from wine, vinegar and or possibly a little fermentation. I believe I was tasting paprika which added a pepper component which was mild. I liked the flavor and texture. Ms. Goofy was not a fan.

Will this be our go to Portuguese sausage?  I have never really experienced this type of sausage but now am a fan. Our friend Scott likes it and that in good enough for me. I may have to wait till Ms. Goofy is not around to enjoy some Goulart's Portuguese sausage.

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