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Thursday, October 24, 2019


The Great White Hunter "woke" from a long slumber and decided to join us on a Meat Adventure. We were operating on a hot tip from our friend the butcher Angelo to visit Giacomo's Ristaurante in Petaluma California. The hot tip was a two edged sword because Angleo also told us Giacomo's is in the process of changing owners. It was our duty to experience the old Giacomo's before this happened.

The Great White Hunter was driving today so Parking Karma did not come into play. Even though Giacomos was not very crowded and is located in a small strip mall we had to park at least 20 parking spots away from the entrance. It was good to walk a little to work up an appetite. Giacomo's' is a family run Italian restaurant that has been around for 26 years. Where have we been? The interior was bright and comfortable. There was Italian kitch on the wall and side shelves. The menu has many familiar favorites..Just scanning the menu made you hungry and you just got the feeling it was going to be good.

We started out with some very nice fried calamari. It had the right amount of crunch of crust and a slight tender chew of the calamari. You had a choice of soup or salad. The Great White hunter enjoyed his house made minestrone that was hot and full of vegetables. My salad was fresh and probably the most healthy thing I have eaten in weeks. This was served with french bread and bread sticks that were flavorful

My ravioli and meatballs was just what the doctored ordered. The waitress brought out a small container filled with freshly grated Parmesan cheese to put this dish high on my comfort food scale. These little meat pillows were tender and meaty which put a smile on my face. The Great White Hunter ordered some sort of carbonara/fettuccine (?)  dish which he devoured and grunted his approval at the end of the carnage.

I wish we knew about Giacomo's 26 years ago because we would definitely be regular customers. I am not sure how much longer Giacomo's will be around for. Thankyou Angelo for the intel. I hope we can return before the transition.


Big Dude said...

Italian is my favorite ethnic food and I'm always pleased to find the good stuff as it sounds like you did. Hopefully the new owner will be sharp enough not to change anything.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I wish we had found this restaurant years ago. I am going to a ravioli lunch tomorrow at the Italian club; Ligure