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Thursday, November 7, 2019


I collect Buck 110 pocket knives. Vintage, custom and unique are in my congregation of bright shiny knives. This particular engraved knife caught my eye as being fun and who does not like steak? It was made several years back. (1981-19860.I never knew there was an actual product called 'Steak-umm' till today. In the name of research for my few Mad Meat Genius readers we are going to try a box of Steak-umm.

Steak-umm is an inexpensive frozen steak product. It is 100%beef, "All Natural' and promises, on the box, to be 100% delicious. The box also tells me it has been chopped, shaped and thinly sliced. The box is open to reveal 6 paper thin frozen beef slices separated by parchment paper. The cooking instructions are to fry a minute on each side. I cooked each slice with some peppers and onions. I have to admit these beef slices did not look very appetizing frozen or in its cooked form. I chopped the beef into bite size pieces and mixed it with the peppers, onions and made a sandwich.

One eats with their eyes first and my first impression was reinforced with an actual bite of this product. While this beef was not terrible it is not very good. To me it had a slight metallic taste (?). It was easy to prepare and cheap. Enough said. To look on the bright side. I have a fun, bright shiny and new/old Buck knife.


Aaron said...

When fending for myself as a kid a favorite was Camp's frozen steaks- chopped and cubed, sold in 4-packs w pats of butter. They had the same texture as a cube steak, nothing at all like Steak-Umm, which reminded me of Buddig beef ("Smoked, Sliced, Chopped, Pressed, Cooked"). I'd toss the frozen butter in a pan, fry up the frozen steak followed by onions & eat on a bun w/ mayo mustard & A-1 sauce.

In a moment of nostalgia I searched for them on the internet; they seem to have ceased to exist about 10yrs ago, alas.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, Nostalgic flavor triggers are the best. This product is convenient, cheap and from what I understand; popular.