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Friday, December 20, 2019


I love fruitcake and when Ms. Goofy suggested making a fruitcake Biscotti I was excited. She found this recipe on the World Wide Web. Ms. Goofy is not a fan of fruit cake and it took some gentle persuasion for her to make this recipe. She does like to bake. I was tasked to source the ingredients. You know it was not that easy to find glaceed fruits. Apparently these fruits are not in high demand anymore. The Berkeley Bowl where every food ingredient known to man had my preciousness fruitcake material

This recipe includes pistachios, flour, sugar, butter, fruitcake material and spices. Biscotti is baked twice to create a brick hard texture. I would say biscotti is not for everyone. It is not overly sweet and is a flavor and texture kind of cookie experience. Traditionally it is served with coffee or espresso for dunking. I chose eggnog for my fruitcake biscotti dunking medium. Ms. Goofy's rendition was crunchy and sweet with the addition of glaceed fruits. I loved it.  Tis the season to love fruitcake.


Big Dude said...

"I love fruitcake" - I'm not sure I've ever heard those words :-)

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, It is about time that I proclaim my love of fruitcake. There are a few of us out there.

Aaron said...

I Too Love Fruitcake.

This year I tried a new one (to me)- Claxton Old Fashion Fruitcake from Claxton, GA, for over 100 years. Absolutely classic fruitcake flavors for under $10, delivered.

Of course Mrs. Claus knows me well, and I may find June Taylor tucked into my stocking again.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, I liked but did not love the June Taylor. It had a who's, who's pedigree of designer ingredients. I respect and understand the attention to detail. Next year, I will make some fruitcake and give you a sample.

Aaron said...

I look forward to that my friend!