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Friday, December 27, 2019


I kid you not, it is National Fruitcake Day. Who would of thunk?. It seems a little appropriate seeing I have been on a fruitcake roll lately. In fact, I was so motivated, a trip to San Francisco to visit Artizmendi's Bakery was put into the fruitcake itinerary. I went very early Saturday morning. This was a strategic move because Bay Area traffic is very unpredictable. A swift 35 minute drive and nearby parking made this trip fairly pleasant. Arizmendi's is a very popular local bakery in the Sunset district. It smells fantastic inside. I stake my place in line and soak up the aroma. This fruitcake is under a pound and cost 25 dollars. I asked if there was booze in this cake and the clerk guaranteed a healthy glow after a slice.. 

When I got home I unwrapped the festive butcher paper to reveal and unleash a brandy fueled aroma that permeated this cheesecloth covered Christmas cake. This cake was very moist. Lots of dried fruits with a very heavy hand of Christmas themed spices This cake was very good and the only critique I would have is to lessen the spice mixture.

In closing for my fruitcake year end adventure are two very inexpensive (cheap) cakes found at the local Wally World. I did purchase them in the name of research. I have not tried them but just handling them they seem very moist and I am going to guess very sweet. I hope your Holiday season is full of fruitcake. Happy National Fruitcake Day.

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