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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


There is a new kid on the block. There has a been a buzz about the Grand Opening of a new taqueria in Richmond California. In the Bay Area we have hundreds of taquerias that come and go but for some reason Tacos El Tucan was receiving a lot of attention. It was a dark and stormy morning that I braved the elements to get in line to experience El Tucan.

They have a 12 noon opening and the line was 10 deep. I took my place in line. Taco El Tucan is housed in a former hot dog establishment that had been in business for probably half a century. This building was receiving new life with a new paint job, owners and cuisine.

Tacos El Tucan is serving the trending flavor of "Tijuana Style Tacos". This an open face taco with freshly grilled meats, salsa and a dollop of guacamole. This place offered a quesataco which involved cheese crisped on the griddle flat top. What this place does have is fresh made tortillas. The meat is grilled to order and there is a scrumptious looking roast of marinated pork shoulder spinning on a custom grill.

I should of tried the Tijuana style taco but I had a craving for a super burrito. The smell of grilling beef was a very pleasant aroma that made my wait difficult. I want to mention the salsa bar. They had three different salsas that were pretty decent. They also had a curdito which consisted of pickled cucumbers, onions and (I initially thought they were carrots) habanero peppers that will knock your socks off with heat. Be careful.

The place was packed so I took my burrito home  It tasted fine and nothing really rang any bells. I did order the super buritto which was supposed to include guacamole and sour cream. This cost extra. As some of you know I posted my journey on Facebook. I also mentioned this absence of sour cream and guacamole. The people of Tacos El Tucan saw this post and offered me a replacement meal free of charge. What great customer service.

When I return the Tijuana style taco will be ordered. Tacos El Tucan has several things going for it and we hope for their success. The place offers freshly cooked meats and accompaniments to create great food. The customer service is fantastic by their reaching out to me to make things right on my order. I selfishly hope the line is smaller.

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