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Sunday, May 16, 2021


What a wonderful day in Galt, California at a beautiful private ranch to host the Canyon Riders Invitational BBQ Competition. This competition had all the right components. Friends, great weather, fantastic bbq, beverages, and just the sense of normalcy. We gathered to judge three categories of food that consisted of Ribs, Pork and Anything Goes. After judging we were invited to participate in a huge buffet supplied by all the competitors. Oh we had so much food today. We would like to share a couple of images with you.

This was our tables entry of Anything Goes. There was a bacon and grits dish *upper left corner" that was heavenly. A tortellini salad with cheese balls, pasta salad and a bacon macaroni salad with a shot of Jack Daniels on the side. I would like to mention the mac & cheese ultimately won and I am not sure if the booze was a bribe or a good pairing.

This was a private residence and we judges hunkered down in a spacious garage. We have not judged a lot of contests in the last year but it is just like riding a bike. It is what we do. It just so happens this judging included a side dish of fun. Tasty Fun. 

This was a beautiful day to have a competition Congratulations to Son of Smoke for taking Grand Championship honors. Most important of all is that we got to hang out with our barbecue friends. We hope to talk to you soon.



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