Chilebrown at home

Saturday, September 20, 2008


The Finale has happened. We have survived. We had four tasters and everybody is still kicken. Chilebrown, Ms. Goofy, Dagny and Dr. Biggles were present. Cookiecrumb said 'NO'. Zoomie passed! We had a panel of professional pepper tasters. Their courage was outstanding. This was a taste test that had no boundaries. This was a naked test. It was the Bhut Jolokia at its finest. This pepper is supposed to be Five times hotter than the Habanero Pepper. I have been a Little frightened to take this test. Habanero's have always kicked my butt. "Let's Get It On".

We had a dish of Ice Cream standing by. I cut a pepper into a 1/8 inch slice. I took that slice and cut into pieces. We all took a piece at the same time.

This pepper has a lot of flavor. (Would somebody ask Ms.Goofy what is wrong). We chewed and discussed our taste thoughts. (Can somebody move Ms. Goofy). This pepper is supposed to be 5 times hotter than the Habanero. (Please clear the aisle). We all thought the pepper had a kick. ( I hope Ms.
Goofy is Okay).
Ms. Goofy is Okay! We all survived the tasting. Our pepper was very Hot. I am not sure if it was 5 tmes hotter then the Habernero. What Pepper Fun!!


PresidentofCookies said...

What are you going to do with the rest of the peppers?

Chilebrown said...

Knock Knock,
Whose There?
Rabbit Who?
Rabbit up Oh one with big ears.

You can have the rest.

Zoomie said...

Brave, brave souls! Imagine the thoughts of the first unsuspecting person who popped one of those in her/his mouth and Wham!

meathenge said...

Chile Peppers are awesome and I have to hand it to CB for taking the effort to grow the little dears.

The little suckers had a fruity start, kinda slowed and moved about, the heat moved in, stayed on the tongue mostly moved a little, fruity flavor continued, interesting, heat moved up and continued as the fruitiness dissipated, heat continued and peaked, easy. Got a sneaking suspicion over in India with the soil and climate a little different we'd have a different experience. Er, hotter.

That being said, 35 minutes later while snorking down on smoked beef sammies, I reached back to scratch my head and drew back a wet hand! My skull was emitting profuse amounts of glistennation!

When I got home my eyelids were all soaky and wound up in the shower. A day later? No ill effects.


cookiecrumb said...

Now my wimpy ass is JEALOUS!

Dagny said...

I was going to give my peppers to my dad but then I thought about how he likes to torture unsuspecting folks. And why should I give them away? They were tasty and pretty. Thanks!