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Monday, September 22, 2008


Ms. Goofy and I were passing through Rancho Cordova Califronia today. It was close to lunch time and Ms. Goofy and I were parched and a little hungry. We passed by a Hooters. Hooters is a nation wide chain that just so happens to have famous chicken wings. I asked Ms. Goofy if she would like to sample some of these tasty delights. She was game. Oh boy!, I love good chicken wings.

We walked into the establishment and were immediately greeted by a very, very cheerful staff. What a breath of fresh air to have employees that are happy and upbeat. We bellied up to the bar and were greeted by a very healthy and cheerful bartendress. She went out of her way to make our lunch and visit enjoyable. We ordered a couple of beverages and some wings that were called "911 wings". These were not the hottest wings on the menu. Ms. Goofy and I wanted a little rest since our Bhut Jolokia experience.

These wings definately had a little punch. We enjoyed them. On the way home our lips were burning so good. I would recomend Hooters and their famous wings to everyone.
10750 Olson Dr.
Rancho Cordova, Ca. 95670
916 635=2449


cookiecrumb said...

You got a picture of the girls in their pantyhose? Awesome.

I have to agree, Hooters wings are really good.

liteluvr said...

oh yeah... been a Hooter's fan for many years. Good wings, probably some of the best you can eat out.

Ham sandwiches are pretty good too.

Zoomie said...

Ms. Goofy is a good sport.

liteluvr said...

My wife was NEVER a good sport about Hooter's... until one of the waitresses told me I looked just like her dad...
After the laughter subsided, she suddenly became a good sport.
Go figure...