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Sunday, September 21, 2008


My dog Oscar has his own idea how to make Pulled Beef. I turned my back for an instant and look what happend. Luckily for both of us he only got a taste. Today I am smoking a Monster 7 bone roast. This is a very flavorful cut of meat. It has a lot of fat marbled through out the cut. This is the cut of beef that is usually used for Pot Roast.

I got the idea to smoke this roast from a fellow writer Larry Gaian. Sometimes one needs a little inspiration. Our local supermarket had this cut of beef on sale. I talked to the Mark the butcher. He was very helpful. He brought me in the back and showed me the whole cut. It weighed over 30 pounds. That was a little much. Mark cut a 12 pound hunk right out of the center. It is a beauty.

I started my Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker at 9pm. It came to temperature (225-250 degrees) and apple wood chunks were added. The roast was rubbed with salt, pepper and a few secret spices. This monster of beef stayed in the smoker till 2 pm the next day. It took 15 hours to reach an internal temperature of 190 degrees. I tell you it was worth the wait. The beef fell apart taking it off of the grill.

The roast rested for a while. A large chunk was put in a bowl and shredded with two forks. I got a Little impatient and used my fingers. This shredded beef was put in a hot frying pan with a cup of barbeque sauce. I seasoned the mixture with a little salt and pepper. You are only reheating the beef and coating it with sauce.

Ms. Goofy, Dr. Biggles and Dagny were in the kitchen drooling while the beef was prepared. This mixture was served over hamburger buns with a side of cole slaw. The long process to make this pulled beef sandwich was well worth it. It turned out to be a success. Dr. Biggles went back for more and everybody took a little home. OH YEAH!

Photo by Dr. Biggles

Sandwich Photo taken and eaten by Dr. Biggles


Zoomie said...

Okay, no fair, you didn't tell us there would be pulled beef sandwiches at the pepper tasting! Now, I'm bummed! I might not have wimped out if I'd known there was to be a reward at the end!

Dagny said...

Psssst Zoomie. Not only were there sandwiches but we got to take some of the beef home as well. I just finished eating some. Extra yummy.

liteluvr said...

Wow... that is an awesome chunk o beef.
I keep telling myself I need to do my smokes overnight instead of all day long... but I just can't seem to get the nerve to leave it unattended that long.

If that tasted half as good as it looks, it must have been some bovine ambrosia.

Good cookin'...

Andrew said...

Nice-I've deviated from pork the last two sundays to cook up big chunks of meat (oven, not smoker). Last week I made pepper beef with a beef shank (super easy) and yesterday, beef ragu.