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Monday, December 8, 2008


"What the heck is that?" Exclaimed Ms. Goofy. This was Ms. Goofy's first reaction when seeing a Buddha's Hand. Buddha's Hand is an ornamental fragrant citrus fruit. It is a type of citron. It is mainly used as a decoration that will also perfume the room with a lemony citrus smell. It can be consumed. The rind may be candied and used for the same purposes of lemon rind. I just like the way they look.

Ms. Goofy bought me a tree last Christmas. It still is pretty small. If there is any danger of frost, Ms. Goofy will have to go outside and cover the tree during the night. They do not like the cold. You can purchase one at some farmers markets. The Buddha's Hand pictured was procured from the Monterey Market in Berkeley California. The Monterey Market is one of the best produce markets on the West Coast. They have any vegetables or fruit that you could ever want at great prices. They also carry unusual and or special items that are in season. It is always crowded. This guarantees the turnover and freshness of the produce. The Monterey Market is a gem.


cookiecrumb said...

That top picture? It has fingernails!

meathenge said...

Nice shootin' there Tex!

I like the part where when it rains, Ms. Goofy has to go out and tent it.